Three Retreats. One Goal:
A More Effective You!

Our shifting society and postmodern culture demand new approaches from churches and pastors. Church leaders worry about meeting the needs of the future while staying true to their essential traditions and beliefs. How do you keep your balance in the midst of it all?

Tending the Fire offers opportunities for learning and renewal across a series of three retreats.

Clergy who attend our retreat series become better leaders: less worried, more engaged, and renewed in their call to ministry.

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Progressive Retreat Series for Clergy

#1 Opening Intensive


The Opening Intensive explores family systems theory as it applies to congregations and families. In particular, it looks at the effects of anxiety on individuals and institutions.

#2 Deepening Retreat


The Deepening Retreat reveals how to maintain one’s self in an anxious system, and offers tools for healthy leadership. Participants share case studies from their ministry settings.

#3 Sending Retreat


The Sending Retreat emphasizes managing sabotage and creating collegial support. Participants share case studies and focus on their call and vision for ministry.

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How can I be the leader my church needs?

Understanding systems theory is one thing; applying these concepts consistently is another. Tending the Fire coaching helps clergy stay on target with clarity, insight, and strategy.

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