Human systems are complicated,
and churches are no exception. 

No one has to tell you this is a hard time to lead the church: congregations are worried; money is tight; leaders are stretched thin.  In these times of deep change the best new practices aren’t always clear. Tending the Fire retreats help you “think systems” in your congregation and your life, so you can provide grounded, courageous leadership.

Each year, Tending the Fire offers retreats throughout the Northeast. Check out our listings below to find the one nearest to you!

Tending the Fire’s spirit-filled retreats are personally and professionally transformative: coaching for effective leadership and invitation to self-discovery all rolled into one. Don’t miss this!

Rev. Alison Patton
Saugatuck Congregational Church, Westport CT

Tending the Fire 2024 Retreats

All are open to ecumenical participation, even those sponsored by denominational regions.
Participation in all three retreats is required.


All sessions will take place via Zoom
January 30 – February 1, March 5 – 7, April 16 – 18

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