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Client Testimonials

“Merging congregations is no small task. As we met to discuss ways to work together, Barb really listened to us. Her non-anxious presence set the tone for a healthy process. Her calm assurance, positive feedback, and gentle coaching helped our congregations discover a shared vision for the future.”


Revs. Kim Kie & Michelle Grube, North Adams and Williamstown UMCs
“The concepts, perspective and self-knowledge gained from Tending the Fire are as valuable as any I’ve come across in my 25 years of active pastoral ministry. I wish I had experienced Tending the Fire years earlier.”
Rev. Henry Frueh, District Superintendent, United Methodist Church
“Barb’s sensitivity and insights in the arenas of both spirituality and systems theory helps participants to make connections and gather wisdom they would otherwise miss. Our executive staff benefited enormously from our retreat.”
Jim Antal, Conference Minister & President, Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ
“These sessions … allow me to step back and refocus on what the real opportunity is, versus being distracted by the symptoms and associated chaos. I had arrived feeling worn down and exhausted by my frustration at spinning my wheels re: this problem and left feeling empowered and reenergized about the influence I do have in making a positive change with this system.”
Manager, Burton Snowboards
“Tending the Fire is one of the most important trainings I have participated in since seminary.”
Rev. Robert Johansen
“Have you ever found yourself wondering ‘What happened? What went wrong? What’s really going on?’ Then Tending the Fire will give you new tools for understanding yourself and your church.”
Rev. Keith Beasley-Topliffe, Susquehanna Conference, UMC
“I can see more clearly what I need to do and be, and I feel better equipped to live in the messy life of the church.”
Rev. Katrina Wuensch, South Acton UCC
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