COVID-19 has turned our lives upside down.  In the midst of so much change and uncertainty, leaders face intense pressure for answers and plans and solutions, which are then sabotaged from all sides.  How can you move forward with hope and resilience?

Tending the Fire addresses the urgency and confusion of exactly this sort of societal and institutional upheaval by revealing the systems that operate all around us:

  • Tending the Fire delivers clarity about how anxiety affects the places where you lead and serve — and how anxiety affects you.
  • Tending the Fire provides you practical, effective tools to decrease those anxiety effects. It teaches you how to use the energy of challenging situations to move forward in healthy, strategic directions.
  • Most importantly, Tending the Fire builds your resilience. TF doesn’t make everything all better;  TF helps you be better, so that you can meet the challenges of these days with strength, clarity, grace and wisdom.

Tending the Fire’s usual in-person retreats are now online in a series of three redesigned multi-day sessions.  These sessions offer a combination of group learning and individual instruction  that nurtures both leadership development and personal transformation.  Small class sizes allow more personal attention and interpersonal interaction as participants develop leadership skills and systemic engagement in their own settings.

Tending the Fire also works with organizations, churches and individuals through online workshops and coaching where we evaluate, process and strategize the next steps for effective involvement.

Yes, COVID-19 has turned our lives upside down.  Through Tending the Fire and the wisdom of systems thinking, together we can come through this chaos with grace and hope to build a wise, resilient the future for all of us.