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Tending the Fire offers the perspective and tools to be a more focused, effective leader.

All organizations operate as systems of interpersonal relationships. At their best, these systems draw out excellence in their people. At their worst, these systems become stuck, undermining and sabotaging even the most well-designed plans for change.

Tending the Fire helps leaders understand and engage a system’s dynamics:

  • The power of calm, courageous leadership
  • The art of managing interpersonal triangles
  • The effects of anxiety on organizations and leaders
  • The dangers of doing too much or too little
  • The ability to manage and survive sabotage

Tending the Fire helps leaders become less anxious and more engaged so that they can bring about lasting change.

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Tending the Fire Was Founded
by a Leader to Help Other Leaders

Tending the Fire was founded in 2003 by United Methodist Pastor Barbara Lemmel. She is the coordinator of the New England Conference Parish Consultants, and works with corporate clients through the Coaching Center of Vermont.

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Barbara studied conflict mediation and family systems theory with the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center in Chicago and with the Center for Pastoral Effectiveness in New Orleans. In 2003, she developed Tending the Fire, reaching more than 300 pastors, five judicatories and several churches. Barbara has keynoted judicatory gatherings in New York and New England as well as several clergy leadership workshops. She has served congregations in Vermont and upstate New York. As Troy Conference Minister, she facilitated conference re-structuring and offered programming and spiritual guidance to churches and pastors.

Barbara lives in Vermont with her husband and two children. She is committed to learning that is transformational and fun.

We don’t offer a quick fix to problems of congregational viability or clergy effectiveness. Tending the Fire works at a deep personal and professional level, resulting in sustained growth for clergy and their congregations.